What can you learn in a support group?

What can you learn in a support group?

Patient & Support Group Leader Gene Van Vleet Transcript

Opening Title: What can you learn in a support group?

The value I think of the support group to an active surveillance patient is keeping up with the latest developments in treating the disease, and active surveillance quite often you can go several years but suddenly, not suddenly, but the cancer may start developing you ought be kept on top of the available types of treatments so that you don’t have to jump directly into a major treatment, you can be informed as you go along. The value of the support group is the networking capabilities and that is if you need a doctor that’s dealing with your disease, the networking of the support group would allow you to check out different guys and which doctors they liked the best, that failing, arm yourself with a series of questions again that the support group might help you define, and when you see the doctor ask him these certain questions about the disease and what he does and what his results have been to check him out, if he doesn’t respond well, get yourself a different doctor.

Closing Title: Learn first-hand from other patients about treatments & physicians

Patient Gene Van Vleet discusses how support groups provide first-hand information about prostate cancer doctors and treatments.
Patient Gene Van Vleet
Gene helps lead the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group of San Diego that holds monthly meetings held at the University of California at San Diego. Over the years many prostate cancer specialists have spoken at these monthly meetings. In September, 2014, Gene received an award from the Prostate Cancer Research Institute in recognition of his accomplishments with his groups’ outreach services helping men become better informed and function as their own case manager. Video reviewed and approved by Gene Van Vleet, August 1, 2015

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