Is it worth traveling for a multiparametric MRI?

Is it worth traveling for a multiparametric MRI?

Patient Ferd Becker, MD Transcript

Title: Is it worth traveling for an MRI?

Absolutely. I‘ve had a number of patients…I recall one patient just recently and this is a guy who had a Gleason 6, lives in the middle of the country, we got to talking about it, he’s going to travel to get to the bottom of his cancer, so I recommended he go to a center in Boston, which I knew did good MRIs, cause they did 2 on me, they did 2 MRI-guided biopsies on me. He went there and the MRI showed that he didn’t have any tumors seen on the MRI, so with the Gleason 6, a small Gleason 6, he can just follow with PSAs and then he may get another MRI in about three years or so.

Title: A multi-parametric MRI report may indicate no biopsy is needed

Patient/physician Ferdinand Becker advocates traveling for a multi-parametric 3T MRI if imaging is not available locally.
Patient Ferdinand Becker, MD
As a patient and physician Ferdinand Becker has followed an active surveillance regimen for four years, maintaining stable, low-grade cancer. The 7 mm prostate cancer lesion found at diagnosis remains at 7 mm. Dr. Becker received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine. He is also an avid walker and amateur outdoor photographer. Video reviewed and approved by Dr. Becker, August 1, 2015

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