Prostate Cancer
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After decades of over-treating prostate cancer patients with low-grade disease and causing complications worse than the low-grade disease itself, more men now bypass immediate treatment and follow a regimen of "active surveillance."


Under physician-supervised monitoring, patients follow a regimen of regular PSA tests, imaging studies, targeted biopsies, and genomic & genetic tests that can validate the safety of a course of
active surveillance.


Many men go 5 to 10 years or more without needing any treatment and some men never need treatment. However, if disease progression does occur, treatment is then recommended, including less invasive newer treatments.

Prostate Cancer

The community standard of care for prostate cancer is rapidly changing. More men are adopting a regimen of active surveillance that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, supplements, medications, and close monitoring with leading edge testing.

Mission Statement

Empower active surveillance patients by presenting the most up-to-date strategies for suppressing & possibly reversing low-grade prostate cancer. Familiarize men with the remarkable new generation of diagnostic and treatment technologies.

The Presenters

Our site features renowned medical experts and active surveillance patients with years of experience who share their personal insights on how to navigate the healthcare system with a diagnosis of low-grade prostate cancer.