Why have an MRI before a biopsy?

Why have an MRI before a biopsy?

Patient Ferd Becker, MD Transcript

Title: Why have an MRI before a biopsy?

Well, my feeling on this is that most of the protocols for active surveillance like Johns Hopkins and a number of centers that have a large number of active surveillance patients… their protocol is following with PSAs every three to four months and having biopsies every year. I’m a big believer in following with MRIs instead of biopsies. Biopsies are inherently can be dangerous, though, they can cause infection, bleeding, all kind of problems even with a lot of biopsies erectile dysfunction. So I think if you’ve got the diagnoses of Gleason 6 you get an MRI… it will show you, you know, where the tumor is located, how large the tumor is, what kind of tumor load the gland has, if the tumor is located near any vital structures, like the seminal vesicles, the neurovascular bundles or if it’s near the capsule. If none of those things are the case then that person may probably be an appropriate good candidate for following with the MRI. And what’s really important Is not only the MRI but the fact that you want to have it with a 3 Tesla magnet, a large magnet, but who is reading it that’s very vitally important.. and that’s the real key factor is who’s reading it and who’s really reading it and can read whether there’s cancer there or there’s not cancer there. That’s really important.

Title: The skill of the radiologist interpreting the MRI is vitally important

Patient/physician Ferdinand Becker describes the importance of proper imaging before a biopsy.
Ferdinand Becker, MD
Active Surveillance Patient
Dr. Becker has followed an active surveillance regimen for four years, maintaining stable, low-grade cancer. The 7 mm prostate cancer lesion found at diagnosis remains at 7 mm. Ferd believes in seeking the best specialists and traveling, when special procedures are needed, to the best specialists. Ferd received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine. He is also an avid walker and amateur outdoor photographer. Video reviewed and approved by Dr. Becker, August 1, 2015

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