Why have a targeted biopsy rather than a random biopsy?

Why have a targeted biopsy rather than a random biopsy?

Patient Lyle LaRosh Transcript

Opening Title: Why have a targeted biopsy instead of a random biopsy?

A targeted biopsy using proper imaging such as today multiparametric MRI or color doppler ultrasound means that you are taking the biopsy sample from where you believe the tumor… the cancer tumor to be within the gland. If you had breast cancer… a woman having breast cancer they don’t start sticking her all over her breast with needles, hoping that they’re going to find the tumor… but that’s what a random biopsy is for men… And it’s just incredible to me that they’re still doing random biopsies instead of targeted biopsies. And the other thing that leads you to is that the Gleason score which is obtained from the biopsies. In a random biopsy you do not know if that biopsy sample was taken from the center of the tumor or from the outside edge of the tumor. And the truth is that the true Gleason score is at the nucleus of thecancer cell and doing a targeted biopsy you’re able to take the sample from the center of the cancer tumor and thereby gain a more accurate Gleason score.

Closing Title: A targeted biopsy leads to more accurate diagnosis

Patient Lyle La Roch emphasizes the need for targeted biopsies rather than TRUS biopsies.
Lyle La Roch,
Active Surveillance Patient
Lyle was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000 and he began extensive self-study to learn more about all aspects of prostate cancer. Lyle has always been concerned about misinformation or the lack of reliable information within the prostate cancer patient community and he found that many men are unaware that there is a far superior option to a TRUS biopsy. Lyle advocates for MRI or color-doppler imaging and "targeted" biopsies rather than "random" biopsies. Video reviewed and approved by Lyle La Roch, August 1, 2015

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