Why did you initially take Metformin?

Why did you initially take Metformin?

Patient Jerry Mayo Transcript

Opening Title: Why was Metformin prescribed?

While I was on hormone therapy my doctor with this blood test determined that my glucose had gone up high enough around 126 with a 6.9 A1C, that I was onset diabetic, so he treated me with two 500 milligrams of Metformin, so I would take 2 Metformin tablets every day. As I dieted like I told you and exercised and my weight came down, my readings for my glucose came way down and I was no longer onset diabetes, as far as my doctor was concerned, however in his research, recent research he determined that Metformin was good for prostate cancer and he prescribed four 500 mg pills a day I take two in the morning and two at night, double what I was taking for diabetes…

Closing Title: Consult your physician about Metformin

Patient Jerry Mayo discusses how his oncologist prescribed Metformin as an adjunct therapy for his prostate cancer.
Patient Jerry Mayo
When Jerry started on active surveillance in 2001, everyone called it “watchful waiting.” Jerry joined the Prostate Forum of Orange County, California, an Us-TOO support group chapter. Mentored by another active surveillance patient, Lew Pfeiffer, Jerry altered his diet and stepped up his level of exercise. A paratrooper in his youth, Jerry said he was never frightened by his prostate cancer. While Jerry and others in the group followed active surveillance regimens and regularly saw their urologists, some, including Jerry, also consulted with a medical oncologist. Jerry’s prostate cancer remained relatively stable for 13 years until there was an upturn in his PSA and he chose to have treatment. Video reviewed and approved by Jerry Mayo, August 1, 2015

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