What life style changes did you adopt?

What life style changes did you adopt?

Patient Jim Bertoni Transcript

Title: What life style changes did you adopt?

The very first thing I realized was to fight any kind of a situation with your body you have to have a healthy body. So the first thing I did was joined a gym. I found a gym in my neighborhood. So I started working out and I needed to lose weight. I lost 60 pounds. Weight has always been a roller-coaster with me. I’ve gone up a bit since then but I will get back down again. I’ll do some light weight training to start my workout… I do this on a daily basis 5 times a week… and then I’ll get on a treadmill and what I’ve done in that past is on the treadmill I’ll walk for 3 minutes, I’ll jog at about 7 ½ miles an hour for 12 minutes then go back to a walk for 3 minutes and jog for 12 minutes and repeat this 3 times.

This has helped with me with my weight control, that an diet of course. Number one I really cut back… I was eating TV dinners just to get my weight down… once I got my weight down… I try to stay away from red meat. I live red meat. I will eat… I’ll have a steak maybe 3 or 4 times a month… for me there’s decisions that you make here and what you’re comfortable with and what you want. I think quality of life is as important to me as quantify of life and to think about a life without being able to sit down and have a steak now and then… just isn’t something I want to do. If it costs me a couple of years of my life… I may think differently when I’m on my death bed… wish I hadn’t had that steak.. but diet and exercise is basically… you can go with all these great things you see in the commercials on television and all that on weight reduction.. but it really gets down to 2 things… you know… what’s your calorie intake and what’s your calorie usage and as long as my calorie usage is greater than my intake or equal to… then my weight is going to remain the same or lower.

Closing Title: Heath-healthy life style changes are also prostate-healthy

Patient Jim Bertoni describes the positive results achieved from the life style changes he made for active surveillance.
Patient Jim Bertoni
Jim’s experience with diet and exercise is common to many men. By improving his diet and exercise routines he improved his general health. Jim recounts some up and downs but his persistence paid off. His concern for maintaining a prostate-healthy diet also meant that he was maintaining a heart-healthy diet. Video reviewed and approved by Jim Bertoni, August 1, 2015

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