What is unique about the Oncotype DX Genomic prostate cancer diagnostic test?

What is unique about the Oncotype DX Genomic prostate cancer diagnostic test?

Urologist Bela Denes Transcript

Opening Title: What’s unique about the Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate test?

So the Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate score is a test that is run on the tumor itself. We extract the RNA, in other words the genetic information within that tumor,and by analyzing that genomic information, we’re able to predict whether the tumor that’s sampled is actually representative of what’s in the prostate, or whether there’s a high suspicion of high grade disease sort of lurking somewhere else within the gland,thatjust was missed by the small biopsy needle.

The Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate test was developedspecifically to address some of the issues of random biopsies and that is based on the random nature of the biopsies because you don’t know where that needle’s sampling, you don’t know if it happens to be sampling the most aggressive part of the tumor, or if you’ve missed the tumor altogether or if you’re relying on the biopsy from the lower grade tumor or the more innocent part of the tumor, and then basing treatment recommendations based on that, where if there’s a high grade tumor lurking someplace else within the prostate.
I had mentioned that the biopsy itself will often underestimate the disease in the prostate, due to the limitation of the box, it’s a tiny core tissue, and it’s thought that one sliver of a biopsy or one core of biopsy actually samples less than one half of one percent of a man’s prostate. So think about it. You’re making this decision based on less than sampling less than one percent of the gland.

So what we do is we essentially we sort of narrow the likelihood that you’re sort of harboring high-grade disease or raise the likelihood that in fact the biopsy which shows that you have low-grade cancer or Gleason 6 cancer is actually representative of what’s in the prostate.

Closing Title: The Oncotype DX test analyzes genetic information to see if unreported high grade disease is also present

Dr. Bela Denes, Senior Director of Urology at Genomic Health, discusses the usefulness of the Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate test.
Urologist Bela Denes
Dr. Denes discusses how the Genomic Health Oncotype DX Prostate Cancer Assay helps men to gain a better idea of whether their prostate cancer may contain higher grade cancer previously undetected by a TRUS biopsy. This test enables men to make a more informed decision on whether to pursue active surveillance or treatment. (Oncotype DX is covered by Medicare.) Board certified urologist Bela Denes trained at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. After 25 years of clinical and academic experience, Dr. Denes joined Genomic Health as the Senior Director of Urology. Video reviewed and approved by Dr. Bela Denes, August 1, 2015

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