What is a key benefit from imaging tests?

What is a key benefit from imaging tests?

Patient/Support Group Leader Gene Van Vleet Transcript

Opening Title: What is a key benefit from imaging tests?

The value of imaging tests I think is the prime focus of at least our support group now to try to get that before a biopsy give you a picture, a very good picture these days, through the use of multi-parametric MRIs, Color Doppler ultrasound, or DCEMRI, to take a picture of where your cancer is located, how large it might be, how dangerous it might be if it’s approaching the outer perimeter of your prostate, which means it might be escaping, so the value of the imaging is to get the location of that, and further, the real value of it in my opinion, is to use that imaging to guide the biopsy rather than doing a random biopsy I call it which is usually 12 needles fired in a pattern in the prostate and they may hit some of your cancer but they might miss some of it also, having an image as a guide helps them direct exactly where that needle goes.

Closing Title: High quality imaging is need for targeted biopsies

Patient Gene Van Vleet highlights the importance of state-of-the-art imaging for improved diagnosis and staging. 
Patient Gene Van Vleet

Gene helps lead the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group in San Diego, California, that meets monthly on the University of California at San Diego campus. Over the years many notable prostate cancer specialists have spoken at these monthly meetings. In September, 2014, Gene received the Prostate Cancer Research Institute’s Harry Pinchot Award, in recognition of his accomplishments with his groups’ outreach efforts helping men become better informed and manage their prostate cancer like case managers.
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