What happened when your PSA jumped to 22.4?

What happened when your PSA jumped to 22.4?

Patient Paul Potash Transcript

Opening Title: What happened when your PSA jumped to 22.4?

We need to carefully look at our PSA valuations. I had started this in the mid 6’s which prompted a visit to the urologist and the investigation of the prostate possibilities and it remained around six over about a year. At one point it did go down to five something and I felt rather encouraged. Three months later I took another PSA test and I was blown away by a 22.4 PSA score. I was devastated. I had to make an appointment with the urologist ASAP and he was busy doing surgeries all week, I had to wait ten days to see him, at which time you can imagine this was wearing on me and my active surveillance faith. I actually at that point started to investigate other options such as proton therapy and thinking you know maybe I just need to get this monkey off my back. Well, I finally walk into my urologist office I brought my wife because I thought this would be a very pivotal moment in this diagnosis. My urologist walks in and doesn’t even bring up the 22.4 score, I had to do it. And he looks at me and he goes, Paul that’s probably an anomaly, and they probably made a mistake or you might have had little infection, and let’s wait another month and we’ll redo your PSA test, which I did and I was very ….. between my legs when I did it, but the results came back 4.4. I was elated. What I’m trying to say here is that these PSA tests will be all over the map. You, again, have to rely on an overview not just one test but a gradual changing of the PSA before you evaluate any other situations and any other options for treatment.

Closing Title: PSA results may fluctuate… retake a PSA that’s unexpectedly high

Patient Paul Potash discusses how his PSA jumped to 22.4, but it turned out it was a false alarm
Patient Paul Potash
Paul describes his astonishment at seeing his PSA jump from the 4s to 22.4 in just a few months. He brought his wife to his appointment with the urologist as he didn’t know what to expect. But he learned that PSA irregularities happen from time to time and a follow-up PSA is needed to verify whether the rise is simply an irregularity. Video reviewed and approved by Paul Potash, August 1, 2015

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