What complications did your friends experience?

What complications did your friends experience?

Patient Paul Potash Transcript

Opening Title: What treatment complications did your friends experience?

After my own prognosis of prostate cancer I was interested in hearing the stories of several friends who have gone through this same situation. I was literally blown away by the difficulties that for instance one dear friend of mine I’ve known for 40 plus years, a captain in the fire department, a very, very tough man, was given a diagnosis of Gleason 3 plus 3 yet opted for a radical prostectomy and he had issue after issue for almost a year of the surgery. complications from Why wasn’t he informed enough to know that active surveillance was a real option for him?

Another gentleman I know, who’s a contractor, played football in college, real tough guy, strong as an ox, big man, also had a Gleason 6 and also opted for a radical prostatectomy. Six months later when I did talk to him he was still going through painful complications, he was as this bulking super strong human being who was reduced to a very shadow of his former self. I was astonished that he didn’t choose active surveillance. I think one of the reasons both of these gentlemen went for the surgery rather than the active surveillance is they felt they’re strong they can get this thing out of their system and be done with it.

Closing Title: Complications can affect anyone

Paul recalls his conversations with friends who had prostate cancer treatment with severe adverse outcomes
Patient Paul Potash
Paul expresses his concern over the fact that his friends did not appear to be aware of the option of active surveillance even though they were diagnosed with Gleason 6 disease. Video reviewed and approved by Paul Potash, August 1, 2015

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