What changes did you make with your diet & exercise?

What changes did you make with your diet & exercise?

Patient Jerry Mayo Transcript

Title: What changes did you make with your diet and exercise?

My diet was at one time in the early beginning of my prostate cancer was very strict, but I’ve pulled away from a strict diet to where today I watch sugar, I try not to take too much sugar, and yet I still eat ice cream, I still eat sweets, I think a lot about quality of life and I love food, so I try to do eat what I want to eat, but in moderation, I eat very small meals, and I exercise and with that, and I’ll get into my exercise, but with that I’ve come down from 222 down to 196, and I, for my physical exercise every other day I get and light jog for an hour, I run in the hills and I’m strong and I had to work up to that hour but that’s what I’m doing today. I also start my breakfast every day is a handful of raw broccoli and a can of V-8 juice low sodium, and I blend it and I drink that for breakfast, and that’s basically my diet and exercise.

Closing Title: Improvements in diet & exercise benefit overall health & prostate cancer

Patient Jerry Mayo discusses how the changes in diet and exercise have improved his overall health. 
Patient Jerry Mayo

When Jerry started on active surveillance in 2001, everyone called it "watchful waiting." Jerry joined the Prostate Forum of Orange County, California, an Us-TOO support group chapter. Mentored by another active surveillance patient, Lew Pfeiffer, Jerry altered his diet and stepped up his level of exercise. A paratrooper in his youth, Jerry said he was never frightened by his prostate cancer. While Jerry and others in the group followed active surveillance regimens and regularly saw their urologists, some, including Jerry, also consulted with a medical oncologist. Jerry’s prostate cancer remained relatively stable for 13 years until there was an upturn in his PSA and he decided to have treatment.
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