Should all men screen for prostate cancer with PSA tests?

Should all men screen for prostate cancer with PSA tests?

Patient/Support Group Leader Gene Van Vleet Transcript

Opening Title: Should all men screen for prostate cancer with PSA tests?

The problem with PSA testing today starts with the Federal task force recommendation to no longer routinely test for PSA because it caused over treatment and excessive expense, and it’s true, medicine did tend to overtreat…but that gives the man a perfect excuse not to do a test, so nobody’s going to remind him to do the test, he doesn’t want to do it in the first place, so the he probably isn’t going to test, they’re naturally reticent to do it. Now women have a mammogram and their doctors send them a notice routinely when it’s time to do the mammogram being,1 men have no manogram, so they don‘t know when to test and nothing to goad them to test and that’s where the responsibility of our group to try to get the guys informed if they need to do it.

Closing Title: Most prostate advocacy groups urge regular PSA testing for all men

Patient and support group leader Gene Van Vleet describes how his group encourages men to do regular PSA testing.
Patient Gene Van Vleet

Gene helps lead the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group of San Diego where the average attendance at monthly meetings held at the University of California at San Diego is in the 60-100 range. Over the years many prostate cancer specialists have spoken at these meetings. In September, 2014, Gene received the Prostate Cancer Research Institute’s Harry Pinchot Award, in recognition of his accomplishments with his groups’ outreach services helping men become better informed and function as their own case managers.
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