What major concern have you found among active surveillance patients?

What major concern have you found among active surveillance patients?

Patient Mark Lichty Transcript

Opening Title: What are the advantages of a focal targeted biopsy?

I chair a group on active surveillance and one of the main issues that came up is the issue of monitoring. Historically the monitoring approach has been to do a biopsy, and even John Hopkins has historically wanted to do an annual biopsy and the problem with the biopsies is the incidence the sepsis and that incidence of sepsis goes up every time you have another biopsy./p>

And so amongst these folks that we meet with that are on active surveillance… they’re concerned about biopsies, and they’re genuinely and validly concerned about biopsies and so the take away already is that if your doctor is recommending a biopsy, you do the MRI first, so that you can have a targeted biopsy and again instead of being poked with 12 needles, you’re going to be poked with 2 or 3 needles which is going to reduce the likelihood of sepsis, so that’s, that’s one of the main concerns that’s been coming up at the support group sessions.

Closing Title: Title: Ask your physician about MRI as an option to repeated annual biopsies

Active Surveillance patient Mark Lichty reports how active surveillance patients choose to minimize the number of biopsies they receive.
Mark Lichty
Active Surveillance Patient
Support Group Facilitator

Mark was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. Many years earlier his father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and the treatments Mark’s father received had a serious adverse impact on his life. When Mark was diagnosed he chose active surveillance but he went beyond what most men do and adopted a raw food diet. Mark chairs a support group of about 50 active surveillance patients who convene each year at the annual Prostate Cancer Research Institute Conference. Mark’s PSA at diagnosis was 4.2 and ten years later it remains at 4.2. Video reviewed and approved by Mark Lichty on August 1, 2015