Is a PSA score affected by the size of the gland?

Is a PSA score affected by the size of the gland?

Patient Bill Manning Transcript

Opening Title: Is a PSA score impacted by size of the gland?

When I had my PSA tested during the Color Doppler ultrasound, I also had my gland volume measured and I was told of what’s called a predicted PSA score based on that gland volume and as it was explained to me that as men age the prostate grows which in turn makes your PSA goes up normally, that’s natural. But in the case of having BPH or prostatitis, which I have had, and do have, that makes your gland volume increase even more, which correspondingly should make your PSA also increase So it was told to me that based on my gland volume that I should actually have a PSA in the 8 to 9 range, when in fact it’s been in the 4 to 5 range, so that to me only confirms the fact that the 4.0 crossover point that’s used so often to determine whether you’re in danger or not, really does not apply, because it’s too individualistic for a man, his age and his gland volume to simply say because you’ve crossed into 4 suddenly the red flags go up.

Closing Title: A larger gland makes more prostate-specific-antigen Obtain the size of your gland from your urologist

Patient Bill Manning discusses how rostate gland volume helps to determine what a normal PSA reading would be for each person.
Patient Bill Manning
Bill discusses how the size and volume of the prostate gland means, in some cases, that a PSA over 4.0 is well within the normal range for that individual. Many men are not aware that a PSA over 4.0 may be entirely normal depending on the size and volume of the gland. Video reviewed and approved by Bill Manning, August 1, 2015

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