How important is commitment?

How important is commitment?

Patient Paul Potash Transcript

Opening Title: How important is commitment?

At some point your doctor is going to tell you… you have some choices. One of them will be active surveillance and he’ll tell you the criteria that you need to know that makes you a candidate for active surveillance, but I think the important thing for you to do is also to look into yourself, to know if you indeed the person and the psyche behind the thought process are capable of living with this prognosis and continuing on with the active surveillance. It should never be an issue where every little ache and pain begins to set off events in your mind thinking your cancer is spreading. You need to be secure, you need to be positive, and have belief in your commitment to active surveillance.

Closing Title: Talking to other men on active surveillance is helpful

Patient Paul Potash discusses the nature of the commitment needed when following an active surveillance regimen.
Patient Paul Potash
Paul Potash reviews the importance of preparing oneself to handle the ups and downs of PSA tests and monitoring that is essential for a successful course of active surveillance. Such commitment is supported by using standard tests as well as the latest FDA approved tests and measures now available to active surveillance patients. Video reviewed and approved by Paul Potash, August 1, 2015

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