How has your raw food diet worked out?

How has your raw food diet worked out?

Patient Mark Lichty Transcript

Opening Title: How has your raw food diet worked out?

I was diagnosed as I said about ten years ago, so then I began to read about alternative diets and so I went on living food diet… a raw food diet basically and I think that’s been a reason why my PSA pretty much flattened out, and the disease as far as I know has not progressed. And you know honestly I do vary, I mean we had …I’ll have a desert once in a while, not often, I’ll have wine, periodically, not often, so I want to say I am 80 to 90% compliant with my diet, maybe about 90% compliant with my diet.. I have a salad for breakfast, a very expansive salad, probably about a dozen different things in it, I always put turmeric by the way on my salads because it’s a good antioxidant. And I have a salad for lunch, breakfast then for dinner I usually eat vegetarian, and so I think that change in my diet has been very helpful in terms of dealing with the prostate cancer.

Closing Title: At diagnosis Mark’s PSA was 4.2 — 10 years later it’s still 4.2

Patient Mark Lichty discusses his adherence to a raw food diet.
Patient Mark Lichty
Mark’s PSA was 4.2 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005 with a Gleason 6. His father had died from prostate cancer after the quality of his father’s life was severely impacted by the treatments he received. Mark did thorough research and chose active surveillance along with the option of a raw food diet. Now, 10 years after diagnosis, his PSA is at the same level it was at diagnosis, 4.2. Video reviewed and approved by Mark Lichty, August 1, 2015

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