How did you react to your first visit to a support group?

How did you react to your first visit to a support group?

Patient Jim Bertoni Transcript

Opening Title: How did you react to your fist visit to a support group?

Some of them the seed implantation, some of them had had the radiation treatment, some of them had the radical prostatectomy, and they were just all discussing, and some of them were on active surveillance. And it was just a general discussion.
As soon as I sat down, of course, I would believe that maybe there’s 20 to 25 men at that meeting, and of course I’m a new face. So they zeroed in on me. Asked me almost rapid fire questions. And very honestly, at the very beginning, I was a little bit defensive about all this. You know, why are you guys criticizing me. But then as I sort of settled back I said they’re not criticizing me they’re making me think.
And you know, these questions that were sinking in, I’m starting to think you know these are questions I probably should have asked my doctor. As the discussions went along I was continuing to hear the names of about 2 or 3 doctors being brought up. And I thought, you know, if nothing else, this has been a great resource for doctors. So I went to one of the gentlemen at the meeting and I said what doctor do you see. And he gave me the name of his doctor. And I said are you happy with that doctor? He said yeah I am. And so I went bingo.

Closing Title: Most men can safely take time to evaluate their options

Patient Jim Bertoni describes how he learned about recommended prostate cancer doctors.
Patient Jim Bertoni

Upon diagnosis with a Gleason 6, Jim joined the Prostate Forum of Orange County, an Us-TOO chapter that meets in Fullerton, California. Initially, Jim was able to share his concerns at a support group class for the newly-diagnosed and was then able to gain considerable knowledge from other patients already following active surveillance regimens. Jim changed his diet, started exercising at a gym, and improved his overall health. Jim retired as the superintendant of a golf course but continues to play golf often.
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