How did it feel adjusting to a plant-based diet?

How did it feel adjusting to a plant-based diet?

Patient Dave Perez Transcript

Title: How did it feel adjusting to a plant-based diet?

So the dietary changes I made were the process of removing things from my diet and adding things to my diet. I had been a big meat eater, consumer of dairy products, I liked my mochas and ice creams and whipped cream on stuff. I cut all that out. My mantra became nothing from a cow, and I cut out other meats as well. And then I transitioned to a diet that was much more plant based, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and a lot of fish, mostly wild fish and mostly salmon. And we refer to ourselves, folks that I associate with that eat like I do, as pescatarians, or a lot of times if I’m out to eat, and somebody is asking me are you lactose intolerant, why do you eat like this, I tell them I’m a fish eating vegan,and that usually explains mostly what I’m doing.

And I like to look into meat substitutes, you know your tofu, tempe, and it’s really been a tremendous process of exploring all these different dietary choices, and the flavors and the range of food has actually really expanded my way of eating, and I enjoy food so much more now that I did six years ago, it’s really been a remarkable experience. I’ll never forget the first time I was about a year into this and strawberries had come into season, and I got a basket of organic strawberries, I do mostly organic, and I pulled a strawberry out, washed it, and took a bite of it, and I was like this most amazing strawberry, it was so sweet, I thought wow, what is so unique about the strawberry, and then it dawned on me, I hadn’t been eating sugar. Sodas were gone from my diet, and sweet deserts, and all those things I eliminated from my diet and now foods and flavors that had not been nearly as exciting to me before now were becoming so more present and so much more enjoyable. And really, really an exciting process. And I feel so much better, and I eat so much, people are constantly amazed at how much food I’ll go through in a day, but when you’re eating plants, from salad to a green smoothy, you can eat a lot.

Closing Title: When adopting a new diet personal taste preferences change

Patient Dave Perez describes how he transitioned to a plant-based diet and how he thoroughly enjoys his revised diet.  
Patient Dave Perez
Dave participates in the active surveillance program at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). Dave pursued major changes in his diet, while adding supplements and following a vigorous exercise program. He also consults with an oncologist outside of the UCSF program. In December, 2014, Dave had an 18-core guided MRI-ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy at UCSF and all tissue samples came back benign. In summary, Dave’s prostate cancer has become undetectable by MRI five years after diagnosis. Video reviewed and approved by Dave Perez, August 1, 2015

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