Do scientific studies support using curcumin?

Do scientific studies support using curcumin?

Oncologist Charles “Snuffy” Myers Transcript

Opening Title: Do scientific studies support using curcumin?

…and while this is a supplement it’s been a part of Indian curries for thousands of years, and the research on it has been very complete. MD Anderson has tested it for cancer of the pancreas, and done detailed investigation of source material, proper dose, side effects for cancer of the pancreas, they even saw a couple cases of cancer of the pancreas arrested by curcumin, and its attraction is it blocks a major step that links inflammation to cancer. Curcumin is the only oral drug we have that blocks this inflammation pathway. It’s strongly linked to cancer progression and plays a huge role in prostate and other malignancies. you can get it dead pure… Oh I should say it’s also been extensively studied for Alzheimer’s disease. So detailed information on it’s ability to enter the brain, and reduce brain inflammation. So it’s available dead pure… how to take it’s been well established. Detailed clinical trials are done in other diseases but not prostate. Again cost benefit ratio in the face of incomplete information is very favorable, so we commonly use curcumin. The other side effect is diarrhea which comes if the drug is not absorbed.

Closing Title: Curcumin is available in pure form

Dr. Myers discusses how he commonly uses curcumin for the treatment of prostate cancer.
Dr. "Snuffy" Myers,

Dr. Myers previously served for 10 years as Chief of the Clinical Pharmacy Branch at the National Cancer Institute. From 1994 to 2002 Dr. Myers was Director of the Cancer Center at the University of Virginia. His laboratory research at the UVA Cancer Center focused on how and why a diet high in animal fat leads to progression in prostate cancer. His research group demonstrated that a fatty acid common in meat, dairy products, and egg yolks promotes the survival and growth of human prostate cancer cells. 

In 2002 Dr. Myers established the American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he provides management for prostate cancer patients who often travel to his office from various parts of the U.S. His Blog, Ask Dr. Myers, is widely visited.
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