As a patient & physician could you describe your regimen?

As a patient & physician could you describe your regimen?

Patient Ferd Becker Transcript

Opening Title: As a physician & patient, could you describe your regimen?

Well I’ve been on Mediterranean heart healthy diet for years, even before I got prostate cancer…..but I’m a little more cautious in staying on the diet more than I used to… And I take most of the supplements including I take Metformin which has been shown to treat a prostate cancer favorably. Metformin is a drug that has been on the market for years for diabetes. I do not have diabetes. I take the Metformin for the prostate cancer.

I take a number for supplements: calcium, vitamin D, green tea extract, resveratrol, and some others actually. I get PSAs about every three or four months. The PSAs have stayed down below about 3. The only other treatment I’ve had is Avodart, I take Avodart, three times a week. While I’ve been a little unusual because I’m kind of a obsessive-compulsive doctor type so I wanted to get an much information as I could so I’ve actually had 4 MRIs and I’ve had 2 MRI guided biopsies, through the transperineal approach; the reason for that is the first biopsy I had was a random biopsy in April 2011, I got sepsis. After the biopsy I got sick… I was in the hospital… 103-104 temperature, I could have died of just that sepsis, fortunately I made it through … and so I didn’t want to take a chance of having another biopsy through the rectum,so the only place I could find that did the multi-parametric
MRI guided biopsies through the transperineal approach was a center in Boston. One guy in the country that I know that does that. And he did it on me twice. And very accurate…he found the same lesion, still a Gleason 6 three years later. And actually the lesion is exactly is exactly the same size when I first got diagnosed. The first time I was diagnosed it was a small lesion and three and a half years later it’s still 7 mm.

Closing Title: Educate yourself as much as possible

Patient/physician Ferd Becker describes his personal active surveillance regimen.
Patient Ferd Becker, MD

Ferd has followed an active surveillance regimen for four years, maintaining stable, low-grade cancer. The 7 mm prostate cancer lesion found at diagnosis remains at 7 mm. Ferd advocates for seeking the best specialists in the country and for traveling to these experts when special medical skills are needed. Ferd received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine. He is also an avid walker and amateur outdoor photographer.
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